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The author in Mosaic Canyon, Death Valley, with her dragon companion. Photo by Rose Gonella, 2013.

Goldeen Ogawa is a writer of fantasy and science fiction, an illustrator, painter, and cartoonist. Born Grace Goldeen Ogawa in 1987 to a Japanese-American father and a Jewish-Catholic mother, she spent the first few years of her life in the San Francisco Bay Area before her family relocated to a small town in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California in 1993. Though she had always been fascinated by stories, much of her childhood was taken up with outdoor activities such as horseback riding, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting.

Goldeen was un-schooled and didn’t go to college, so she acquired many skills without any papers to prove it. This still surprises people.

A precocious artist from an early age, Goldeen taught herself first to draw, then to write, and finally to read. She completed her first novel at the age of 13, which she promptly threw away and began writing her second. Upon completion she threw it away and started her third. This cycle continued until her mother told her to start sending her stories to editors instead. During the flood of rejections that followed Goldeen entertained herself by creating comics featuring many of the same characters she wrote about in her stories. These included the webcomics The Iron Wizard (2005-2010, produced with her brother, Evan Ogawa), and Angeldevil (2004-2012). She also wrote and illustrated the Tobius comic books for children, published by Rabbit Valley Comics. Her most recent graphic novel project is Year of the God-Fox (2013-2014).

Goldeen currently divides her time between writing stories and running her indie publishing company, Heliopause Productions, creating artwork, and taking care of various animals. She is active in the furry fandom, where she goes by the handle Agent Elrond, and is best known for providing the cover art for the 2 Sense show. An amateur voice actor, she also produced a podcast of her own work, Radio Grimbald, and has served as a narrator on the Hugo Award winning podcast StarShipSofa.

She lives in the same small town where she grew up, on the observation that it is a quiet and easy place to write in, and inspiration for fantastical settings and characters are never far away.

Convention Schedule for 2016

Goldeen sometimes likes to get away from her little town. In 2016, she plans to attend the following conventions:

Confirmed appearances:

Anthro New England

January 22-24 • Cambridge, MA


Balticon 50

May 27-30 • Baltimore, MD

(Attending/Art Show/Presenting)


June 30-July 3 • Pittsburgh, PA

(Dealer/Art Show/Reading)

MidAmeriCon II (WorldCon)

August 17-21 • Kansas City, MO

(Attending/Art Show/Presenting)