Hourly Rates

Detail from “Tigerhorse” — watercolor on paper, 2009

Custom Commission Hourly Rates

$100 USD for the first hour
$80 USD per additional hour

These commissions can be anything. One character, two, three—landscapes, scenes, storybook illustrations—in whatever media you like. Please let me know what you want and how you want it and I will give you an estimate of how much it will cost. This will vary depending on what you want and how complicated it is. For instance, a pencil picture of two rabbits frolicking in a meadow will cost less than an oil painting of a winged, eight-legged horse charging across a battlefield.

These rates also cover consultations and multiple sketches/concepts to get the image just right.

For custom commissions, please email me with a detailed description of your project, and I will give you a quote. At least half the quote is due up front, with the balance payable upon completion. Quotes are subject to change if significant changes are requested midway through the commission. Any additional work done after completion will be charged at $80 per hour.

These rates only apply to personal work, but commercial reproduction rights may be purchased for any additional fee, at any time. The fee will be determined on a case-by-case basis, entirely at the discretion of the artist. There may also be an additional fee for shipping the original to you.

By purchasing a commission from this artist, you agree to her Terms of Service.