Terms of Service

By purchasing a commission from Goldeen Ogawa you agree to the following terms:


Flat Rate items will be paid in full before work begins. If I am unable to complete the work you will be refunded in full. The Flat Rate covers only the artwork, any additions or changes requested afterwards will be charged at $80 per hour.

Custom commissions will have half paid up front, and the balance of the quote will be due before completion. Additional work after completion will be charged at $80 per hour. If I am unable to complete the commission, you will only be charged for whatever work I have completed.

Unless otherwise discussed, payment will be made via PayPal.

The prices quoted above are for Personal Use only. If you wish to purchase Commercial Reproduction rights there will be an additional fee.


If I am unable to complete the commission due to a fault of my own (unforeseen catastrophe, loss of hands, sudden illness, etc.) all payments will be refunded in full.

I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any time without disclosing a reason. If I do so, any payment (less work done) will be refunded to you.

A client may cancel their commission with me at any time without disclosing a reason, but will only receive a refund if they do so within 30 days of placing the order. After 30 days all payment is forfeit to the artist. If the client cancels their order within 30 days and work has been done, cost of said work will be taken out of the refund.

NOTE: I try to complete commissions within thirty days, but this relies upon the client being prompt in their payments and feedback communications.

NOTE II: Orders do not expire after thirty days. I will still complete the commission even if you put it on hold for a couple months—just be aware that after thirty days you will not get your money back. This applies to down payments on custom orders for which no work as been done.

For Personal Use commissions you receive the rights to:

Reproduce, modify and display the art in any way provided you receive no monetary benefit and you credit me as the artist. You may also make prints for your own private use, and sell the original if you so desire.

While I will make every effort to deliver the original to you, if I am unable to do so due to a failing on your part to pay the agreed shipping price and/or provide me with a valid shipping address within 90 days (three months) from completion of the work, I reserve the right to sell, give away, or otherwise dispose of the original at my own discretion.

You will receive a high resolution image file of the work when completed, and you may request a new copy of said file at any time.

Please credit me as

Goldeen Ogawa of goldeenogawa.com 

I reserve the right to:

Reproduce, modify and display the art in any capacity, including selling prints of said art, licensing the rights to third parties and to use it in my portfolios or to promote myself. These rights are negotiable, but changes may affect the price of your commission.

I also reserve the right to refuse a commission with or without notifying the customer of the reason. I may also cancel your commission and refund the total payment, or the partial payment minus the cost of work already done (for Hourly Rate commissions). If a piece has significant work completed, you will receive that and the remaining payment.

Detail from "Leaning Monk" -- colored pencil on paper, 2009

Detail from “Leaning Monk” — colored pencil on paper, 2009

Any questions, please contact me at goldeenogawa[at]gmail[dot]com.