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Members of the 2016, 2017, and 2018 World Science Fiction Conventions can nominate their favorite works of science fiction, fantasy and/or horror, plus editors, artists, and zines! In the interest of making it easier for fans to support me, here is a list of my works (and where you can read them) that are eligible for a Hugo in 2017—and in which category!

Works eligible for Best Novella:

“Chronostrophe” (Professor Odd #8) (Apsis Ficition 4.1: Perihelion 2016 and Single release)

“Star Walkers” (Professor Odd #9) (Apsis Fiction 4.2: Aphelion 2016)

“Sons of Fire” (Driving Arcana #7) (Apsis Fiction 4.1: Perihelion 2016)

“Dying to Live” (Driving Arcana #8) (Apsis Fiction 4.2: Aphelion 2016)

“By Moon and Star” (Driving Arcana #9) (Apsis Fiction 4.2: Aphelion 2016)

Works eligible for Best Novelette:

“The Goblin’s Fiddle” (Bouragner Felpz, Volume II, #10) (Apsis Fiction 4.1: Perihelion 2016)

“The Silver Chimera” (Bouragner Felpz, Volume II, #11) (Apsis Fiction 4.1: Perihelion 2016)

“The Hidden Road” (Bouragner Felpz, Volume II, #12) (Apsis Fiction 4.2: Aphelion 2016)

Works eligible for Best Series:

Professor Odd (Ongoing in Apsis Fiction)

Driving Arcana (Ongoing in Apsis Fiction)

The Adventures of Bouragner Felpz (Ongoing in Apsis Fiction)

All of these titles were published by Heliopause Productions.

In addition…

Goldeen Ogawa is technically eligible for Best Pro Artist, but thinks that might be pushing it… But it gives her an excuse to show off the pretty pretty covers she made last year…

Nominations are open through March 18, with WorldCon 75’s official announcement to be found by clicking here!

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