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So much is happening. So very busy. Haven’t had time to blog at all in a serious way. Hope you are following me on twitter—as that’s where the party is these days.

A couple of things have happened recently that I wanted to write about, however. The first is that Professor Odd #4: The Elder Machine is now available as an eBook and a paperback all over the internet, yes, and maybe in some bookstores too (you may have to ask yours to special-order it). Here is the cover, which went up on deviantART without the titles a while back:

04ElderMachineSmIt’s available from all the usual suspects, and you can read more about it (with direct links to where to buy it) over at its Heliopause page.

I have a lot I want to say about the cover, and some things about the story as well, but that’ll have to wait for another time. Meanwhile, Year of the God-Fox’s final book just went live over at and I would encourage everyone to go read it! It represents over two years of solid work and an immeasurable number of hours of watercolor painting… also I am rather pleased with the story. Here is its cover:

Book 4 Cover900

The individual books (there are four total) can be had for $5-$7 depending, and the whole series is $20. To read it, you’ll need to make an account and purchase the comic, which then gives you access to all the pages. All purchases are permanent, so you’ll be able to read it for as long as the internet exists. I am also hoping to come out with a print edition… eventually. Everything you need to read it online, however, you can find at … right now!

Now it’s back to the arting mines. I am working on another batch of Astral Chimera, and also preparing the first Driving Arcana book. Lots of work. Very exciting.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


Goldeen Ogawa is a writer, illustrator and cartoonist. To keep tabs on what she is doing you can follow her on twitter @GrimbyTweets. You can also send her an email at

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My online manga, Year of the God-Fox, is posting weekly over at Anyone who hasn’t already should seriously check it out! It also has an official Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook—so you can be kept up-to-date on the social media site of your choice. I post chapter previews, teasers, and also Production Notes (sort of like behind-the-scenes but for a comic) there, along with other neat things. (All content is mirrored across the three platforms, so you only have to follow one!)

Year of the God-Fox is a pay-for webcomic. There will be four books eventually; currently you can buy access to Book 1 for $5.99 or the Complete Series for $19.99. I’ve worked very (very) hard on it. I hope you like it.

Book 1 TeaserSM

I’ve also been busy working on personal commissions and getting ready for a major shift in my publishing business (more on this later). Part of the work involves releasing the various Adventures of Bouragner Felpz as a complete volume. I’ve spent the last week getting the cover ready, and I am very proud of it. So proud I want to show it off to everyone. As I said in my tweet I know it’s bad form to show off your cover before the book has a release date, but what’s the point of being your own publisher if you can’t break the stupid rules?

Here’s the cover for the first volume of The Adventures of Bouragner Felpz, which will contain all eleven stories so far published, plus a special introduction:

There will be a blog post about the making of it, I assure you.

There will be a blog post about the making of this cover, I assure you.

Volume 1 will be available as an eBook sometime in August or September and as a print book hopefully not too long afterwards. And in case you’re wondering, yes, there will be a Volume 2. I’ve already written the first four stories for it, and am in the process of writing the fifth. There will be twelve eventually (for a total of twenty-three short stories), plus three novellas—which will comprise Volume 3.

Now I must fly and enter edits for the first Driving Arcana story. The work of the self-published author is never done!

Goldeen Ogawa is a writer, illustrator and cartoonist. You can email her at or peck at her on Twitter @GrimbyTweets

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As you may already be aware, my new webcomic project Year of the God-Fox has finally gone live. I have blogged about the process of making the comic before, notably here and here, but now at long last you can read it too!

I should say, now you can read the Prologue, which is all that is up at the moment. You can also read about the process of making it, look at the World Map and browse the other free Extras. I say free because for the most part Year of the God-Fox (let’s just call it YotGF from now on?) will be exclusively pay-for material. I’m doing this partly as an experiment, to see if I can earn some income from webcomics (if it’s successful, be assured there will be more comics) but also as a way to gain some traction in the hopes of one day releasing the whole series in print form.

Because YotGF is—barring the bonus pages—entirely in color, getting it into print is more expensive than for my other comics like Angeldevil and The Iron Wizard. Previously my only other forays into color were with the relatively short Tobius comics, and even then the cost of printing was borderline inhibitive. My plan for YotGF is to have the webcomic which people can pay to read for a modest amount of money (about $6 per book, or $20 for the complete series) and then once the comic has gained a respectable readership I can see about taking it to a publisher and saying, “look here, I have this comic and it has x number of hits online, are you interested?” or perhaps even crowd-funding it though a process like Kickstarter. Either way, both options become much more feasible if I already have an audience.

So for now, it’s just a website. But it’s a very fine website. (I want to thank my cousin, Martin Gutfeldt, for building it for me and putting up with all my disjointed suggestions.) And if you would like to see it in print one day, you can help me with that goal by supporting it now.

Like I said before, currently it’s just the Prologue and a few extras, but there will be more. Starting on July 19th there will be a new chapter every week, and only people who have bought Book 1 or the complete series will be able to read those.

Year of the God-Fox has more or less consumed my creative energy for the better part of the last year. It has taken a great deal of hard work, sweat, blood and tears, and I am overjoyed that I finally have something to point to and say: “There! Look! I made something! Go see!”

So go see, why don’t you?

For my part, expect some internet silence this week and a bit of the next as I will be attending AnthroCon in Pittsburgh PA, but once I’m back I intend to blog constantly about the little niddly aspects of making YotGF, such as how the map was made and why I decided to do the sound effects in hiragana. I’ll also be putting together behind-the-scenes notes on each chapter—sort of like a director’s commentary. Should be good fun.

Until then…

Cover for the Prologue of "Year of the God-Fox".

Cover for the Prologue of “Year of the God-Fox”.

Goldeen Ogawa is a writer, illustrator and cartoonist. You can email her at or peck at her on Twitter @GrimbyTweets