Patreon and HpP Online

In the never-ending quest to make a living off my art and stories, I’ve opened up a Patreon and an online store for Heliopause Productions. The store is pretty straightforward: it’s stocked with signed prints and books I bring back from conventions, and while the Squareup UI leaves something to be desired, currently business is light enough that there’s nothing that can’t be cleared up by a little human interaction. Don’t let the shiny logo and use of third-person-singular fool you, it’s just me behind the HpP logo.

The Patreon is, as I state right at the top, not for people who want to buy my work. It’s more of a “DVD extras” area where you can unlock more extras the more you pledge. I did a preview rundown of the rewards here or you can look up the Patreon itself. I tried very hard to offer rewards that would 1) be fun and 2) be things I want to be doing anyway. So I’m very excited to see people signing up already, as it gives me huge motivation to go forward with some projects which have been forced onto the back burner for a while.

I’m in Sacramento this week for Thanksgiving with das Partern and writing this while Boyfriend naps on the couch. He is like a very big, ginger cat in a Notre Dame T-shirt. Only less claws. It is nice.

Hope you all have a wonderful week! I’m leaving the HpP shop open for Black Friday weekend in case anyone wants to do Christmas shopping, and will ship those orders ASAP when I get home (on Monday). Also, if you’re drop-shipping gifts, say so in the note at check-out along with the to/from info, and I’ll gift wrap your purchase, gratis.

Happy Holidays!



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