Snakes and Ladders

Miss Corianne Birch is fifteen and dealing with all the usual problems attendant upon a girl entering a new school. Unfortunately she also has to deal with a cruel and dangerous hazing ritual which has already left one of her classmates in a state of nervous shock. Fortunately Corianne has a rather unusual guardian; the magician Bouragner Felpz, who takes any excuse to go poking about dark, ominous places, and is more than happy to shed some light on the mystery of the terrifying shadowy snakes.

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Episode 2.3: Snakes and Ladders


The Author Says:

It is a well-known fact about me that I didn’t go to school. I make a point of telling people this, because otherwise they never guess. I find this amusing, since one reason most people insist all children must go to school is that not going would mean they would grow up to be illiterate, unintelligent losers. Since I am at the very least literate this confuses people; how can I appear to be a fully functional adult and not have gone to school? I invite them to puzzle it out on their own. For the most part, however, my un-schooledness doesn’t affect me or my work, save on those particular instances when the subject intrudes into the story I am writing. So it is fair to say that I am biased in my judgment of schools; however much of my opinion is based, not on my limited experience with the system, but from the horror stories that have been related to me from people who were forced to go through the ordeal themselves. From this I judge myself lucky to have escaped such an experience, and I try not to think about it. But since traditional schooling of some nature seems to be expected by today’s society, I felt I should devote at least one story to explaining why Corianne didn’t have any.


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