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What a month. I am going to make a blanket assumption that everyone reading this is at least as terrified as I am at the political climate change going on, which is almost as dangerous to the future of humanity as the natural climate change we have even less control over.

But in the tradition of artists in times of crisis, and I am going to keep on doggedly doing what I do, as hard and as best that I can. To that end I’m extremely pleased to announce that Heliopause put out three new titles this month! The long-overdue third rotation of Driving ArcanaProfessor Odd #9, and last but not least the Perihelion 2017 issue of Apsis Fiction! You’ve probably already seen the covers, but I’m going to share them again, because I am so proud of them.

Looking forward to next month (tomorrow—eep!) things are going to be very busy on the Professor Odd front: we have Episode 10, “The Thousand Songs” coming out as a single, and—hopefully—the Complete Season 1 (episodes 1-6). The Season 1 volume is still in the process of being put together, but I can share with you the cover for “Thousand Songs” (which can also be found in Perihelion 2017).

It has been an interesting winter here in Oregon. Snowy and cold, we’ve had a minor respite these past ten days, but the prediction is for another good dump this week followed by rain—and just when the roads were beginning to recover! Oh well. It’s given me an opportunity to put to use the shoveling skills I honed cleaning up after horses as a teenager, and I’ve been keeping in practice for mountain biking by navigating the icy, slushy, snowy streets and bike/ped paths between my house and the gym, where I’m doing weight training and lap swimming. Gary Silver (my hardtail) has been tricked out with studded tires, fenders, lights, and flat pedals, so I can ride him in my snow boots. All this combined has rendered him a more reliable means of transportation that my poor little Fit, who performed beautifully in the snow and ice with her own studded tires, but was bested by the deep slush and has spent the last ten days hiding in my garage. But as this is what she often ends up doing even in good weather, it is of no great loss to me. My trusty Blue Sky Cycle Cart has been sufficient to haul the week’s groceries home from the nearby store, though dodging the potholes on the return journey (for the sake of the eggs) has made these trips quite exciting.

Bend is beginning to feel more like home, and less like some surreal, never-ending vacation. Part of this I am sure is that I have set to work in earnest on the titles scheduled for release later this year, and my studio is at last getting the use it so richly deserves.

And on that note I shall leave this post and return to it!

Ice bikes of Bend! Gary Silver is in the background.

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It has been quite a week. Month. Whatever. I am moving house and business across state lines and had to leave things half-finished to go attend MidAmeriCon II. Which was wonderful. And exhausting. And exciting. And would have been enough to lay me out for a whole week but I had to move right on to Toronto, where I am writing this now, for a dear friend’s wedding.

So this will be the briefest of recaps:

Everything went well. Art show. Panels. Demos. Book sales. Print sales. Everything went well. I made some new friends and reconnected with old ones. Missed David Stein who I learned broke both his legs recently. (!!!!) Once again I have come away inspired by the F/SF fandom and filled with new drive and inspiration to take my work to the next level. Don’t let the quietness fool you: my reserve is only growing while the creative output is on hold during these times of change.

But I have managed something, at least: Aphelion 2016 is finally out! The Heliopause master post is over here. Please refer to it for all the relevant links to purchase the book (electronic or print) from your preferred retailer.

Brief and incomplete thanks to: Greg Ketter, for selling my books for me. Brian McCullough for being a fantastic handler. Rob Carlos and Teddy Harvia and Chronographia for their doodles in my guest book. In fact, everyone who signed my guest book! You are all awesome! John Picacio for everything between heaven and earth. And Nina Niskanen, Sunil Patel, Ann Leckie, Morgan Swim, Karen Bovenmyer, Mur Lafferty, Kyell Gold (you know who you are), Will Frank, Courtney Schafer, Kinuko Y. Craft, Teresa Nielsen-Hayden, Foz Meadows, Lyda Morehouse, and PAT CADIGAN.

Keep being you.

So many awesome memories, but at the moment one thing stands out so that is what I will put here.

I got to speak briefly with Robert Silverberg, who I didn’t recognize as Robert Silverberg at the time because he was not wearing a suit and up on stage at the Hugos. He asked me how I got the name Ogawa. So I explained about the being quarter-Japanese thing. I then went on to explain that Goldeen was a Jewish name (from Goldenstein). He squinted at me sideways.

“I am a quarter Jewish,” I explained.

“Yes,” he said. “But from where?”

I gave a disjointed explanation about my maternal grandfather’s ancestors and their journeys around Ukraine, Romania, Crimea, their problems with the Pogroms, etc. when he stopped me.

“So you are Eastern European Jewish,” he said.

“A quarter, yes,” I said.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said. “But that means you’re my people.”

“I am?”

“Yes,” he said. It was then I realized who I was talking to, and was rendered speechless. Which was just as well, because he went on:

“My family is Eastern European Jews. I’ll think of you as my Japanese niece.”

I got him to sign my guest book, too.

This was Sunday night in the Marriott lobby, and as that was essentially the end of my World Con, it’s not a bad place to end this post.

Until next time…

-Robert Silverberg’s Japanese Niece.

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It’s been a very busy summer and autumn. How busy? Well, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to blog here at all! But this is okay; I’ve been doing lots of writing instead—and I have the books to show for it!


RotationTwoCoverSmFirst, there’s the second installment of Driving Arcana stories, Rotation Two, which is out from Heliopause and available on all channels. You can pick it up from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Nook, Kobo, or have your local bookstore special-order it. (And yes, for Christmas shoppers, it’s available on Amazon Prime!)

07DogsofCanarySmSecond, “The Dogs of Canary Island” which debuted this summer in Aphelion 2015 is now available as a single! Search it on any of your preferred online book vendors, or find handy links over on it’s Heliopause page.

Also worth noting: I now have a Red Bubble shop! You can find the original cover art for Odd 7 there as a print, along with many more pieces! Do take a look!

On the convention front I attended Sasquan earlier this year, which was a blast. The WM and I took a road trip up through Oregon to get to it (we’re in California) and I got to visit some old friends on the way up and down. The greatest highlight of that con was probably Helsinki’s win for WorldCon in 2017, though the whole weekend was delightful—Mordor-like weather notwithstanding.

All that seems a long way away now, and never more so than last weekend when I was in Chicago for Midwest FurFest. This was a mind-boggling experience as I got to meet several artists whom I’ve long admired, as well as reconnecting with old friends. I took a short holiday in the city itself to visit the Shedd Aquarium, the results of which can be found on my tumblr, here, here, and here. Chicago is a wonderful city and I cannot recommend the Shedd enough. Also, Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co. and Smoque are two excellent choices for food.

Looking forward I have the usual Holiday tasks still in front of me, as well as the impending release of Perihelion 2016 next month. Also next month I’ll be traveling to Boston for Anthro New England, where I’ll have a table and will be dealing next to my partner-in-crime art, Mary Capaldi. I’ll also be doing a reading, and probably running around as Tachyon a lot.

So many things! Oh, and I’ve got the second Sir Camilla novel to finish in the mean time. Better get crackin’. I’ll leave you with the newly-unveiled Perihelion 2016 cover, and the usual reminder that twitter is the best place to follow me these days, and I post WIPs and other pictures to my tumblr.



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So many things to talk about! I wanted to do a special post dedicated to Alector Fencer‘s crowd-funded graphic novel project, but would you know the thing passed its goal in two days? It’s still open, however, if you want to take advantage of some of the awesome rewards she’s got going! To give you some idea of why you should help, she has kindly given me permission to share some of her art here.

Myre-the Great Black Dragon

Simply breathtaking. I could go on at length about how much I love this piece in particular, but all her work is really gorgeous. So do go check that out!

In news pertaining more toward me…

For the past week I’ve been blogging over on tumblr about my time at AnthroCon during the first week of July. So many incredible things happened I could not fit them all into one post, so I divided my trip into smaller parts and posted my thoughts on them there under the tag AC2014. Also, my general overview can be found here.

And now?

Now I am packing for yet another trip. This one will take me all the way across the Atlantic: first to Scotland (Edinburgh and the Trossachs National Park), and then to London for LonCon3, where I’ll be exhibiting my art and participating in the programmeTachyon will also be making a special appearance on Saturday evening to benefit the Furry Fandom panel. Most exciting of all, I’m hosting a Diana Wynne Jones fan meet and greet on Sunday evening! There will be a book giveaway, casual readings, and possibly cake—though that’s still up in the air due to restrictions from the venue. I’ll post more details as the date approaches.

After that, I move on to Berlin for Eurofurence, in my capacity as Elrond Drakendíl, before returning at the end of the month.

After that I have a few weeks of rest, where hopefully I’ll have a chance to share some new art with you, and then I must begin preparations for my last con of 2014: World Fantasy in Arlington Virginia.

In the mean time you can expect updates from my travels on the road on Tumblr and Twitter. I’ll also have a few new titles coming from Heliopause, including the newest issue of Apsis Fiction, which is now available in paperback and eBook! You can find direct links to where to buy either on its dedicated page on Heliopause!


Have a great summer, everyone!

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I’m long overdue for a good, old fashioned update. No philosophical musings or bitter rants today, just some straight up information.

I may have mentioned this before, but I recently got a tumblr. It is built off the old Year of the God-Fox tumblr; since the comic is complete now there is little to talk about. I, however, keep on doing things. And I blog about them on tumblr. I also try to keep it well queued with pretty pictures—both my own and inspiring pictures done by other people. If you like your updates from me a bit more wordy and picturific, go forth and follow!

02DafyddandJournalsThere is an interview with me over on the Paperblanks blog, which is a pretty fun read. Maybe you already saw it mentioned on twitter, but if you missed it in May here it is again. Ostensibly I was supposed to write about how much I love their journals (which I do, and I did) but there ended up being a lot of interesting biographical stuff about me and my work. It’s rather better than the About page on this website, actually. Give it a read if you were ever curious about anything about me, ever. And the books really are amazing.

I have a new bike. She is a 2012 Trek Carbon Lush, so I named her Mary Sue (after the fanfiction trope of overpowered female characters who solve all the problems and whom all the guys fall in love with; my Mary Sue is an overpowered mountain bike that solves all my singletrack problems, and whom all the other mountain-biking dudes fall in love with). Below is a picture of me and her on one of our rides earlier this year. I need to do a proper write-up for this bike, it is so amazing. Perhaps that is a post for tumblr?

photo 3

I also have some things to say about the amazing shirt and jersey I’m sporting in this photo. They are both by YMX and are absolutely amazing.

What else? Oh yes, I will be attending three conventions this summer over the course of July and August. First I’ll be in Pittsburgh, PA, for AnthroCon in a couple weeks. I’ll be selling books and pictures in the Dealer’s Hall and I’ll have the Cats of the Week and Escape from the Celestial Palace plus some of the Astral Chimera in the art show.

After that I’ll be flying across the pond this August for LonCon3 (World Con) in London, England. I’ll have more pictures in the art show there, and if things work out I’ll also be one of their Artists in Residence. I plan to doodle funny things in people’s conbooks, if they’ll let me. Also (and this is still a little tentative) I’m hoping to organize a little meet-and-greet for fans of Diana Wynne Jones, who would be turning 80 on the 16th of August (Saturday of World Con). Still thinking of fun things to do with this, but I know we’ll have a book giveaway and possibly a Witchie Dance lesson/performance. If you’re a DWJ fan attending LonCon3, please contact me if you have any ideas or suggestions!

After LonCon3 I hope over to Berlin for Eurofurence the next weekend. This will be a 100% fun con for me—no panels to run, nothing in the art show, and not selling anything. But if you find me I might draw you a surprise picture.

That is as far as I can look into my future at the moment. At the same time as preparing for these conventions I’m also hard at work on the Aphelion issue of Apsis Fiction, as well as the first Driving Arcana book. I hope to have both out in a month or so.  But I can show you their covers now!

Aphelion2014CoverSM RotationOneCover

And boy, do I have words about the Rotation One cover—but those will have to wait. Lots of work to be done. I am going to try to keep this blog a bit more active, however, so you can look forward to hearing about all the things I mentioned wanting to talk about in this post.

Or not, if that’s not your thing. Look, one last link: here is a blog devoted to beautiful men and cats. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Goldeen Ogawa is a writer, illustrator and cartoonist. To keep tabs on what she is doing you can follow her on twitter @GrimbyTweets, and on Tumblr. You can also send her an email at goldeenogawa@gmail.com.


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For some time now I’ve been building up a new business front to handle the publication and production for my art and fiction. Perhaps you’ve heard me mention something to this effect before. Well, now at last I have something concrete to show you!


HELIOPAUSE PRODUCTIONS is now live as a business and website, and you can read the welcome post here.


The heliopause is the boundary of the heliosphere; the theoretical boundary where the Sun’s solar wind is stopped by the interstellar medium. I chose to name my company after it because I write predominantly science fiction and fantasy (well, fantasy mostly) and I wanted a name that evoked something out-of-this-world. Also, Pangolin Press was taken.


Heliopause Productions is essentially a business front for all my writing and artwork. It will handle the release of eBooks, print books, audiobooks, webcomics—basically anything I decide to do. I will still be running GoldeenOgawa.com as my official personal blog, and of course I will note news of releases there as well. But Heliopause is for everything business.


So many things! I am re-releasing the first two Professor Odd books with new covers, so that there will be continuity with the succeeding episodes. I am also releasing a collection of the Bouragner Felpz stories, The Adventures of Bouragner Felpz, Volume I. Coming in September I’ll be launching my semiannual anthology, Apsis Fiction, which will contain four all-new stories + some bonus short-shorts. These will include an all-new Professor Odd novella, which will also have a solo release later on in October.

There will also be MORE Year of the God-Fox. Be sure to follow the official Tumblr for the latest updates there; I will have news of Book 2 this coming Monday.

And of course I will continue to take personal artwork commissions as time and energy allow.


I am going to take a little vacation. I’m driving up the west coast to visit some old friends, do some writing, ride my bicycle, and maybe catch a show or two. Should be fun.

Take care all!


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