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These were a set of watercolors I did for the Further Confusion Art Show, based on concepts that had been rattling around in my brain for some time. First, a pair of fashionable foxy lads in splendid dresses…

“Pearl” 4″x3″ watercolor

“Rosy” 4″x3″ watercolor

And yes, they are boy-foxes. Because I think fun dresses should not be exclusively for ladypeople. Shockingly, neither of these sold, and so they are currently available to anyone who makes me a reasonable offer. Drop me a line if interested.

The same applies to the following pun pieces, which were also done for FC but ended up coming home with me.

“Tiger Lilies” 4″x3″ watercolor

It’s a tiger. Surrounded by lilies. Need I say more?

“Elephant Garlic” 4″x3″ watercolor.

Perhaps my favorite of the set. I’d never painted an elephant before. It is something I must do more of it future.


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