The Alchemists’ Circle

A simple murder soon takes a turn for the mysterious, as things often do when the magician Bouragner Felpz is involved. Now he and his ward, Corianne, find themselves drawn into the harsh world of vagabond thief-masters and young pick-pockets, trying to uncover the truth behind an enchanted ring and the shadowy organization known as the Alchemists’ Circle. This is the tenth and penultimate story in the first volume of The Adventures of Bouragner Felpz.






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Episode 2.10: The Alchemists’ Circle


The Author Says:

Though each Bouragner Felpz story is self-contained, and can be read alone, when put together the stories that comprise the first volume do contain an overarching meta-story. Hints of it can be found, sprinkled throughout the volume, but they only become really obvious here, now that we are coming close to the end. Alchemists’ Circle is also notable in that it is the longest of all the stories—very nearly long enough to be a novella—and when taken within the context of the volume, can be seen as something like the climax.



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