The Labors of Lilith Maugs

Unusual visitors are par for the course in the life of Bouragner Felpz, consulting magician, but few materialize out of flames from the fireplace. Enter Lilith Maugs, an enigmatic woman with a tumultuous past who has come to Felpz for aid, yet in doing so puts him, and his ward Corianne, in mortal peril.


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Episode 2.9: The Labors of Lilith Maugs



The Author Says:

One of my favorite of the Greek legends is the Labors of Heracles. I was always impressed by Heracles’s diligence, even if things did not end particularly well—but that is only what you expect from a Greek myth. I have also long harbored interest in demons, particularly how they are portrayed in fantasy. Because “demon” has become so widely used to describe a wide range of monsters, I felt it was time to give the term some definition in my own stories. And although I have tried to keep these stories fairly self-contained, the careful reader will probably want to have read The Amazing Mages before beginning on this one, though it is not strictly necessary.



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