The Last Dragon

Mr. Bouragner Felpz, consulting magician, has taken many strange and sinister cases: bleeding stairs, cursed cathedrals, sentient shadows. But none have concerned such intimidating characters as the near-legendary figure he encountered in his investigation of the vengeful Abbey Axe. In this story he recounts an adventure from his early days, when he went to solve a country squire’s insanity, and wound up crossing paths with an ancient and fearsome warrior.


(U.S.A., U.K., France, Germany)


(U.S.A., U.K, France, Germany, Canada, Australia)


(U.S.A. only)

Also available from Radio Grimbald:

Episode 2.5: The Last Dragon



The Author Says:

The Last Dragon began with the title, and I soon ran into difficulties because dragons are not at all extinct in Antellonia (the universe in which these stories are set), so any story the proclaimed to be of the last dragon would be false right from the start. I soon worked around this by having the appellation apply, not to an actual dragon, but to a warrior. This allowed to me draw on some of my favorite themes; ancient heroes and the King under the Mountain and all that, and of course the Amazons. These are of course a different breed entirely from the ones the Heracles and Achilles tangled with, and at some point in the future I shall have to write a story about their past, but until then this taste will have to suffice.


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