The Purple Gentleman

Corianne Birch is a young woman, newly orphaned, in a strange city. Fortunately, she has a godfather who has agreed to take custody of her. Perhaps unfortunately, he is the flamboyant, inscrutable, sometimes-maddening magician Bouragner Felpz. Set in a time and place not far from late Victorian England—but in a world where magic is very, very real—”The Purple Gentleman” is the first in a series of short stories about the masterful magician, Bouragner Felpz, and his adventures in the tricksy, turning backwaters of the magical world.





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Episode 2:1: The Purple Gentleman


The Author Says:

It was around the time I started seriously writing that I also noticed how unfair the genre system is. It classifies things like Fantasy and Horror and Mystery as different things, when in fact the contents of a story could be all three at once! I also noticed how this system had somewhat informed the ideas people had in their heads about what Fantasy was. To them, Fantasy was dragons, wizards, elves, dark lords, and little people with furry feet. But that is only one side of the many-faced fractal that fantasy is. I postulated that you could have detective fantasy, just like you have detective fiction. And so I dreamed up a magician (taking obvious and liberal inspirations from a very famous detective), and planted him in the center of a world that on the surface could pass for late Victorian London, but peer under the surface and you would find a world crawling with unusual and fantastic creatures, knotted with problems just waiting for some brilliant and extraordinary solution. This is the world of Bouragner Felpz, the Purple Magician.

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